Professionalism for me is about minimalism and finding the right tools for you. 
When it comes to marketing there is a whole world of possibilities opening up. When we break it down, marketing is the process of teaching your customers why exactly they should buy your product or service, rather than your competitor's. The key is to find the best method for your business and defining the right messages that you want to spread.
If we do that - that's marketing. It's that simple!
In order to satisfy your needs I work with an international network of freelancers. 

I'll be happy to help you to do that by offering the following services:



This is where the journey starts. Without branding your company is faceless. No personality. No identity. No character. 
I can help you to put your brand in people's hearts so that they will remember you and love your product or service.

  • finding a name
  • brand strategy
  • logo design
  • corporate identity 



Buying links and spamming forums is so 2000. SEO nowadays includes a great user experience. Keeping this in mind, we will create great content for your website that will make your customers finding you easily on Google and Co. 

  • website optimisation
  • SEO strategy
  • SEO audits and benchmarks

digital/ online marketing

There is no way to hide from digital marketing - those days are gone. With digitization came endless possibilities. I will help you to find new ways to bring creativity to digital communication. 

  • e-mail-marketing
  • social media marketing
  • online ad campaigns
  • search engine advertisement


website creation  

Your website is your ID card and tells the public who your brand is. A well made website is your first step towards success. 
I can create a Squarespace website for you and train you how to administrate it yourself. I'm also happy to customize further by collaborating with developers who are dedicated to make your website beautiful and functional.

  • website creation
  • website optimisation
  • website administration
    (all based on Squarespace)

social media marketing

Social media is where many digital natives feel at home. It can be a very useful channel to reach your customers and make them love your product. Let's give your brand a voice!

  • social media strategy
  • social media content creation 
  • social media management



I grew up with the internet. Therefore, I’d be super happy to teach you or your staff how to use great tools, platforms and social media channels. I can host workshops as well as deliver custom-made guidelines and handbooks. 

  • communication & content guidelines
  • social media workshops & guidelines
  • website creation & administration

Wanna make magic with me?